Northeast GT Rulebook
To best match the twisty, hilly, blind, technical, and/or otherwise tricky tracks in our region, the Northeast GT Cup offers a single, production-car factory power-to-weight based class.  All vehicles must:
1) be prepared for wheel-to-wheel racing, including a roll cage (1.75”x0.120” tubing, smaller diameter or thickness by exception only), fire system, racing seat, harnesses, window net, etc
2) run a street tire (200tw or higher)
3) achieve a factory power-to-weight ratio of 12 to 1
The factory power to weight ratio is based on factory listed HP and torque and otherwise modified based on: tire width, suspension, aero, etc.

This one-page classing spreadsheet calculates the minimum competition weight required to compete in the Northeast GT Cup:
NEGT Cup Series Rules
The Northeast GT Cup is a 6 round, 12 race, points-based driver and team championship.  Best 7 individual races count (up to 5 drops).
  • No contact
  • 6 rounds of racing
  • 2 days of racing, 1 race per day
  • 2 hour race length
  • 2 mandatory “driver swaps” per race
  • 1, 2, or 3 drivers per car
NEGT Cup Fueling/Pit
  • Untimed pit stops
  • No fuel rigs
  • Visors down, head-to-toe safety gear required
  • Fuel capacity limits
  • Driver out, no working on car, while fueling
  • One wheel/gun/torque wrench/jack over the wall at a time.
Driver Requirements
Northeast GT Cup
Racing license and/or significant wheel-to-wheel experience, or successful completion of the GT Race School required to participate in any competitive wheel-to-wheel or qualifying sessions.
GT Race School and GT Time Trial sessions
Advanced track-day drivers only.  Previous promotion to HPDE fastest run group/open passing run group by another organization, competition of competitive time trial, and/or track-day instructor experience required
Safety gear requirements – all involved with fueling for either the Northeast GT Cup or GT Race School must wear full-face SA2015 or newer helmets and head-to-toe fire protection.
Sound limits vary location-to-location.  At some locations, unmuffled cars will not make sound.  All vehicles must make sound, no exceptions. Check supplemental rules for details on sound requirements.
What kind of vehicles do we expect to compete in the NEGT Cup?
Many reasonably priced ($15,000 – $40,000) club racing builds such as:

Acura Integra, BMW M3/3 series/1 series/Z4, Chevy Corvette C4/C5, MX-5, Civic and   other K-swap FWD, BRZ/FRS/86, 350z, FD RX7, RX8, s2000, NSX first-gen, Porsche   Boxster/Cayman/air cooled 911, 80s Mustang/Camaros, MR2 Turbo
Many regional club-racing builds also fit well with the NEGT Cup:
  • GLTC prepared vehicles, several makes and models
  • SCCA T3 and T4 prepared vehicles, several makes and models
  • NASA H1-H2, GTS1-2, ST4-ST5 prepared vehicles, several makes and models
  • World Racing League GP2-3 class endurance-prepared vehicles
  • American Endurance Racing, class 2, 3, or 4, depending on driving pace
  • ChampCar, especially B and C-class vehicles, several makes and models
  • SpecE46-prepared BMW 3-series
  • Spec Boxster-prepared first-generation 2.5L Porsche Boxsters
  • PCA Stock-class prepared base Porsche Caymans and Boxsters
Expected pace of NEGT Cup car at 2024 NEGT event locations

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