GT Race School Events

For New, Returning, or Current Racers

The GT Race School offers a racing curriculum that spans the classroom, paddock/pit-lane, and on-track with the purpose of guiding drivers towards a clean race.  Drivers without other racing credentials, but who have already been promoted to the fastest run group/time trial/instructor status, may participate in the GT Race School and race in the Northeast GT Cup after successful completion of the race school.  

Any driver looking to brush up on their skills, or warm-up for the race weekend, may sign-up to attend the GT Race School on-track sessions.

On-track sessions | Get up to speed in a controlled, progressive manner, when transitioning from track days to wheel-to-wheel racing.  Begin with open passing sessions, adding passing exercises, starts-restarts, and finish with a practice graduation race.

Paddock/pit-lane sessions | Learn about pit lane and fuel safety, practice vehicle exits, and prepare for upcoming on-track sessions.

Classroom | Learn slow to go fast.  Classroom sessions throughout the day emphasize wheel-to-wheel essentials, such as mirrors and managing nearby traffic, passing and defending craft and strategies, Northeast GT racing flags and commands, and tips to manage safety and risk.

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