‘real hot lapping’ with GT Leaderboard Rules

‘real hot lapping’ with GT Leaderboard

Driver Requirements | HPDE instructor and/or open passing, Time Trial/Time Attack, and/or Budget/entry-level racing

AND, all drivers must: have no loose clothing or jewelry, wear long pants, wear closed-toed shoes, and wear a Snell-certified SA2015 or newer helmet.

Vehicle Requirements | For vehicles participating in Northeast GT real hot lapping sessions only: must be well maintained and meet the track day tech inspection guidelines: no loose items, windows down, seat belt/harnesses secured, battery secured, pads/bluids/lights (if dark) ready for use, tires in good condition and inflated properly, lug nuts all present and properly threaded/engaged, steering/suspension free of play, and all fluids topped off without leaks.

Sound | Typical sound requirements apply at New England road racing circuit locations.  Unmuffled cars will not make sound.  All vehicles must make sound, no exceptions.

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